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Welcome To The PraxMax Project™!

$1,000,000… And Up!


For $1 Million Financial Advisors And Those Who Want To Be

In 2010, two of my $1 Million clients, independently of one another, made a great suggestion: Study the attitudes, practices, processes, and business behaviors of other Million Dollar Advisors. This led to "The PraxMax Project™". PraxMax™ stands for "Practice Maximization" or making the most of a business opportunity in rendering professional services. "The PraxMax Project™ continues to catalogue what works in building a business and provides actionable ideas designed to help you grow your business, while removing "Complexity Barriers™" which impede your progress. The objectives are simple:

  • Grow Your Business
  • Increase Your Value To Your Clients
  • Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Explore the site, and let The PraxMax Project™ help you achieve the maximum success for you and your business!


Promote Your Expertise

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Michael Roby is a top sales & marketing strategist, writer, author, business coach, & noted professional speaker. Since 1975, he has been building a unique expertise, helping broker-dealers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and financial service advisors grow their businesses.
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Client focused, entrepreneurial, professional advisors turn to The PraxMax Project™ for proven ideas on practice development. The PraxMax Project™ focuses on what works for leading professional advisors and shares it with the world!

"PraxMax™" stands for practice maximization. You deserve to maximize the value you bring to your clients and the value of your practice! Visit The PraxMax Project™ on a regular basis to learn strategies, tactics, and tips for growing your business, including:

  • Practical Business Planning Ideas & Templates
  • Exceptional Client Service™ Strategies
  • Proven Sales Ideas
  • Comprehensive Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • Team Building & Development
  • Practice Management Resources
  • Sales & Marketing Ideas
  • Articles
  • Interviews With Leading Advisors
  • Surveys
  • Presentations
  • Hiring Processes & Tools
  • Discounts for PraxMax™ Achievement Symposiums Discounts
  • Forms for Business Development, Client Service, Office Administration